Jenny Berkel – Here on a Wire

January 3, 2012 by April

Okay, I thought I would post something about this later, but it’s just way too good to sit on and keep to myself.  It’s my first post of 2012, so why not give you an album to get excited about?

This three-song collection from Canadian songstress, Jenny Berkel, is just a snippet of what is to come on her full-length album, Here on a Wire, which is due out sometime this winter. These songs are breathtaking. Drawing from personal experience and history, Berkel’s songs are emotional and real. Featuring the cello, upright bass, French horn, slide guitar, organ, and percussion to set the melancholy mood while bringing her bittersweet, emotional lyrics to life.

Here on a Wire can only be described as haunting and spellbinding, and when listening to Jenny Berkel’s music you know immediately you’re listening to something special.