One big, fat thank you to everybody who came to or hosted a show in Ontario and Quebec this last little while. What a tremendous 6 weeks! Also, thanks to everybody for listening to or sharing the new song and video (download it for free here, or click on my picture above to watch), which has received some nice little reviews:

“Animated by Karsten Wall, the “Like a Rope” video takes you through the struggles of loneliness for a beautiful collaboration of art.” (Grayowl Point)

“…a hauntingly atmospheric song featuring cello (Julian Bradford) and steel (Bill Western) interacting gorgeously, with Berkel’s warm, languid and assured vocal at the forefront.” (New Canadian Music)

“Her crystal clear-voice sings sweetly over subtle cello and pedal steel, among other things…the stop animation is striking in its honesty and beauty.” (Sound Vat)

Next up…Europe!