“…the mini-tour de force that is her first record is a wonderful surprise…”

“In the 1960s or 1970s Berkel probably would have become an overnight sensation. In the twenty-first century there’s no way of telling how folks will react to such a quiet intelligent honest voice out there in the world… We can only hope there are enough folks paying attention to realize how substantial these songs are.”

“Berkel is a modern folk artist, with acoustic songs and intense imagery, personal and poignant. She ain’t no Joni wanna-be though; it’s more intimate music than that, hushed sometimes, ethereal and almost spooky as well.”
CBC New Brunswick

“The atmosphere is enticingly dark, sometimes almost anxious, but Here on a Wire is a good record for a slow early evening or a long night.”
Pop Matters

“…her wonderfully poetic songs are deeply personal, reflective and always beautiful…letting Berkel break your heart as her voice and guitar always take centre stage.”
4 stars
Stage Door

“Berkel’s voice is the star on this album; truly, it and her guitar are the only instruments she needs to make beautiful, moving music.”
4 stars

“With the release of her debut full-length album, Here on a Wire, it’s clear Jenny Berkel is determined to make a lasting impression. Nothing about the album gives away Berkel’s newcomer status. Self-described as “haunt folk,” the music, although ghostly, is not unfriendly, with poetic and thoughtful lyrics carrying themes of time, loss and city landscapes.”
4 stars
Vue Weekly

“Berkel’s songwriting is strong throughout, evoking cold afternoons in January, long night journeys through endless highways, and lonely spaces. This disc is perfect for a dark afternoon spent around the house, enjoying tea or coffee, enjoyably sheltered from the wet city streets…Berkel has a keen sense of story and feeling that she balances throughout her songs on this album. Well worth repeated spins.”

“…the perfect soundtrack for a soul in need of space; space to breath, to think, to decompress.”
Quick Before it Melts


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